Synthesize new photography skills,
filter your focus, & build your brand!

A private group coaching community offering
expert guidance, industry insight, and accountability for action.

Are you ready to level-up
your photography and brand?

Your Path

Unearth new creative paths through community connections. Learn new skills to boost. Try different things...

Your Purpose

Navigate your purpose and personal brand in photography. Decipher how to harness your creative superpowers!

Your Perspective

We'll dive deep into the details and explore ways of translating your path and painpoints into actionable insights for your road to success.


Photography and storytelling are great art forms, but life as a photographer brings a lot of baggage that is often enough to close up shop for good. 

It's hard enough to scale your skills in storytelling, much less the business of building a brand. Worst-case scenario, when opportunities come knocking, you scramble to conjure creativity in a hurry and fall short; while you continue to play the perpetual dance of frenzy freelance. 

There has to be a better way...

Introducing "The Litmus Collective" - a place for photographers to synthesize clarity through curiosity. We are a global group of like-minded artists working together to build our creative skills and brands for the greater good. 

Join our tight-knit Community Coaching membership if you're ready to refine your path and scale your craft! 


Why people love working with me...

How Membership Works

1-1 creative consulting and brand strategy doesn't have to be out of the picture because of budget. Join Matthew Cicanese every week for group coaching calls that cover trending topic seminars and "hot-seat help" to guide your growth.

From pitching and pricing to brand strategy, you'll learn how to navigate creativity through the same lens as Matthew's bespoke 1:1 consulting, but in a community coaching format.

1. Filter your focus

Define your destinations and driving factors. Learn what makes you tick, and how to harness your superpowers. Filter the noise of the world and define your path to creative focus.

2. Unwind your binds

Free your mind from limiting beliefs through group guidance. Often times, I find that figuring out new and innovative approaches requires learning how to think beyond the lens. Understanding our failures and what makes us fumble is the best way forward.

3. Dial-in your style

I believe you can use these tools and resources found within The Litmus Collective to transform your mindsets and methods, helping you find your unique methods of creating!

4. Feel & see the growth

Discover how to navigate your personal learning path in photography and creative business.

I can’t guarantee award-winning results, but you will see creative growth if you put in the work with an open heart and curiosity.

5. Shared successes

When things go right, and you're getting on track, there's nothing better than having a community of like-minded, caring creatives to support your journey and outcomes. 

What Membership Includes

Member Discussions

on the forum

With a quiet, closed forum on the community platform called "Circle", you can gain valauble feedback and direction to grow into the artist you want to become! We don't hold back on how we think you can improve, providing constructive criticism that's actionable in helping you grow!


Group Coaching Calls

All coaching sessions are recorded and transcribed, and you’ll have lifetime access to these through the members-only "Litmus Library" – so feel free to dive back in for a refresh at any time.


Hot Seat
1-1 Coaching

Every month, I open up my calendar to Hot Seats. These recorded 1:1 coaching conversations provide you with easier access to my private coaching, and helps the community grow in the process.


Networking, Office Hours, & Workshops.

Gain valauble insight and direction to grow into the photographer you want to become! I don't hold back on how you can get better, and provide constructive points that are actionable.

Litmus Learning Library

An evergreen knowledge resource

Exclusively for Members.

If you cannot make a Group Coaching Call, don't worry! Your membership includes access to the replay archives and an ever-growing library of curated content exclusive to Litmus.

Topics include:
✅ Building a solid portfolio.
✅ Discovering creative superpowers.
✅ Defining your brand.
✅ Effectively getting your name out there.
✅ Personal development.
And more!

You'll learn my go-to methods and detailed processes, from top tips to favorite tools and recommended software—I won't hold back.

Meet Matt

Hey there! I'm Matthew...

I've been exactly where you are, and now your turn to get ahead!

Hey, it's Matt! These days when I'm not creating new content, I spend most of my time and energy inside The Litmus Collective.

My mission is to help as many photographers as possible realize their professional potential and learn how to bolster their brands.

For the past few years I've worked 1-1 with artists to offer skills coaching and brand strategy. In hindsight, I find that more and more of the topics overlap between people. I also found myself encountering burnout time and again, because I give 110% when I coach.

So I created The Litmus Collective in order to invest more time and effort into the creators who invest their time with me and energy with me.

But here's the thing... although The Litmus Community is going to offer a wide range of workshops, courses, meetups, and events, I can't help people grow to their best by offering one-way content (such as online courses).

What I can do for you is share what I learn, so you can benefit from it and borrow from my expertise in the process. Because I'm dedicating most my time and energy to the group's growth over 1:1's, I am extremely active in the Litmus forum on

My goal is to provide a personalized experience tailored to your needs. I want to be able to give you the best advice and insights I can, so we can both grow together!

Headshot by Erika Reiter.

Matthew Cicanese is an award-winning wildlife photographer, creative coach, brand strategist, and Founder of The Litmus Collective — an online creative education community on a mission to guide creatives to new opportunities through curiosity. 

A Forbes 30 Under 30 and National Geographic Explorer, He currently serves as an advisor for the Wildlife Conservation Fellowship and has mentored student communities such as the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), Dilmah Conservation, and Canon USA.

About Matthew

Matthew Cicanese is a National Geographic Explorer and Wildlife Conservation Photographer who lives and works in the greater Tampa Bay area. A Florida native, his photographs of wildlife celebrate places from around the world.

His career in photography began in his formative years at the age of 14 (2005). In 2015, his professional career began following Duke University's MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts program. Matthew's experiences and creative direction culminated with his first solo exhibition at Tampa International Airport, titled ‘Earth Up Close’. 

His artwork has been shown and exhibitions worldwide, including the Natures Best Photography exhibition and London's Royal Geographical Society as a finalist for the 2015 Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards. In addition to private venues and events.

He has been featured by Canon, National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, Smithsonian Magazine, and BBC Earth Online (among others). In 2021 Matthew was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 for Art and Style.

Image by Beth Reynolds, Morean Arts Center.

Image by Taylor Mikal.

Image by Matthew Cicanese.

Image by Matthew Cicanese.

Work Samples

How I teach

Learn by Doing

Get ready to get gritty! We're here to build!

Progress Partners

Learn alongside  newfound friends!

Hot-seat Help

Get expert assistance during your process.

Resource Guides

Catalog your journey and decisions you make.

Focus Sprints

Creative bursts of long, uninterrupted process.

Casual Critiques

No red pen mayhem! Just love & light nudges.

Reflection & Revisits

Ponder and wonder about your decisions...

Sequential Skills

Feel in the know as you grow with simple steps.

Choose Your Plan

Standard Membership

Per year
Members-only community forum
Members-only Discord
Weekly group calls with Matthew
Monthly Hot Seats with Matthew
Access to all Litmus Workshops
Behind-the-scenes Breakdowns

VIP Membership

Per Year
Members-only community forum
Members-only Discord
Weekly group calls with Matthew
Monthly Hot Seats with Matthew
Access to all Litmus Workshops
Behind-the-scenes Breakdowns
All COURSES included.
Quarterly 1:1 coaching calls with Matt ($800 value)
Priority feedback & support
Exclusive experiences and more! 

*New member and reinstatement pricing is subject-to-change.


We understand deciding to join can be a big step for many artists. It's an investment of time, mental energy, and sheer willpower to fail towards success. As well as the membership fees that help keep the ship afloat. 

Here are some answers to common questions, and bit more detail for full clarity...

How does membership work?

Think of the Litmus Collective like an evergreen creative skills and business workshop.

Your membership unlocks access to our exclusive Circle group, weekly group calls, downloadables, the Litmus Library, and the entire community's support at Litmus.

Where and when do calls happen?
  • Our weekly group coaching calls and workshops are hosted on a private Zoom call. Specific times TBD.
  • For monthly networking events, we use an enterprise virtual events and conferences platform called AirMeet.
What topics do the calls cover?

Our focus on Creative Skills and Brand Strategy helps get you up to speed on the latest trends and techniques. Topics like building a strong portfolio, discovering creative super powers, defining your personal brand, and getting your name out there effectively. 

How do I learn and grow between calls?

With a quiet, closed forum on the community platform called "Circle", you can gain valauble feedback and direction to grow into the artist you want to become! We don't hold back on how we think you can improve, providing constructive criticism that's actionable in helping you grow!

Do you offer private 1-1 coaching?

We understand that in many cases, the best outcomes for coaching can be from a one-on-one experience. That's why I offer a bespoke consulting package for when you really need to create laser-beam level focus. 

More information will be announced soon.

How long can I access the content?

Your active membership gives you full access to The Litmus Library: a collection of all the past community calls, events, articles, and deep dives. If you can no longer be a member, you no longer have archive access. However, when you rejoin again - your access returns instantly. 

What if I'm unhappy with the results?

I don't believe this will happen, but if it does you can cancel your membership at any time. There's no obligation to remain a member if the group isn't what you hoped it would be.

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